Knowing what to build is half the battle.


We've worked on over 150 products from simple consumer goods to complex robotics, clean energy systems, and medical devices. We know what an optimized product development process looks like.


We will help you determine project scope, describe requirements, assess risks, and develop a deep understanding of your end user needs to ensure a clear process and a great product.



Prototype & Produce


We pair in-house prototyping capabilities with years of fabrication knowledge to build units for field deployment, user research and beta testing. 


Keeping it all under one roof protects critical IP and accelerates product development by cutting lead times for first samples. 


In truly fast design sprints for clients we've been known to go from concept to polished prototype in hand in one week. 




We develop products with scale in mind from the very beginning, baking in best practices for manufacturing and assembly.


Whether it's a beautifully constructed one off or tens of thousands of units being built overseas, we've been there and done it successfully. 





Add to your product development powers without adding to your overhead with strategic consulting sessions for your internal product teams. 

Our wide ranging client base means we're always on the cutting edge, developing new methods instead of maintaining the status quo with incremental improvements. 

We spend our days refining skunkworks projects for big companies and creating products from scratch for startups, making us an ideal team for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. 


What our clients say about working with us: 

CLEAR design lab took our electronic medical device from a 3D printed prototype to an early molded device. This led to our first round of seed funding, and we still use CLEAR design lab two years later for bringing concepts to life
— James White, CTO of Common Sensing
Working with CLEAR design lab helps us to improve our manufacturing process because they have such an expertise in design for manufacturing, molding, and production of plastics. We can design the part functionally and then they can help us figure out the best way to manufacture it
— Sarah Mendelowitz, RightHand Robotics

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