CLEAR design lab is a small design firm is focused on designing and building physical products.  

We carefully choose the projects we take on in order to have the biggest impact while staying lean.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for people with diverse perspectives and interesting backgrounds to keep building a different kind of design studio. You can be a good fit whether you studied design, engineering, or have a wealth of self taught experience building and creating.

  • An ideal candidate will be self-motivated, independent, curious, and great at solving spatial problems with the materials and methods at hand.
  • We build physical products so experience building things and a mechanical aptitude is crucial. 
  • You should be great with people and have a genuine interest in what other people, professions and industries are up to. 
  • A huge plus is the ability to bring in new projects, new client relationships and lead initiatives within the company. If you don't have those skills to start with but are interested in getting involved in that side of design work, that can be helpful too.
  • Tell us why you’re a great addition and what you can bring to the table day one and one year in.


A little about us:

We’re working to build a better kind of design firm, for our clients, for ourselves, and our communities. What does that look like?

  • self-management - design, develop and lead initiatives, projects, products, and bring in new clients
  • high accountability - clear measurement of work and results, for everyone in the organization.
  • total transparency - you can see the inner workings of the business so you can make informed decisions.
  • involved in a wide range of tasks (design for manufacturability, user testing, marketing, fabrication, industrial design, etc.)
  • moving fast - we make meaningful progress for every client, every week.



  • Profit sharing - We offer a base salary with a profit-sharing model that rewards skill level and performance within the company.  We believe this is perfect for ambitious individuals who crave meaningful work and ownership of their future and the direction of the company.
  • Open shop - We believe the best, most creative people never stop building and learning so we have access to the shop to work on personal projects on nights/weekends
  • Events - We host monthly pop-up art shows for First Fridays
  • Dogs - there’s one that comes to the office daily

We work on a wide variety of projects so there is no typical day.  In a single day we might meet with a prospective or current client, spend a few hours CAD modeling, do research and drawings for another project, and fabricate prototypes in the model shop. There is a physical component to the work we do so you should have the ability to lift and move 50lbs repeatedly.


We work with clients on projects like:

  • robotics
  • wearable technology
  • alternative energy
  • connected devices
  • medical devices
  • precision agriculture
  • industrial equipment
  • and new ideas that don’t fit into a category


What we believe:

We believe that we’re better together: that a small group of hard working, creative individuals can outperform and outmaneuver large agencies.  We believe in designing products for a more sustainable future and a better world.  We believe that understanding the process behind manufacturing what you’re designing for is crucial.  We believe in carefully selecting the projects we work on so we can keep being the kind of company that we all want to work at every day.

If this sounds like a good fit for you then please send a cover letter, resume, and examples of projects you’ve done for work and independently to

 Please be respectful of our time and the fact that we work on a lot of confidential projects so we cannot accommodate drop-ins or phone calls.