Thanks to everyone who came out last night to help celebrate the opening of Lord Help Us Get It All Together, featuring the paintings of Adam O'Day and Vanessa Irzyk. 

Check out the timelapse and the show statement below: 

Adam O’Day delves into the spaces of the subconscious; the sleeping mind that spools out reams of fantastical spaces and constructions: tiny beings rampaging across apocalyptic landscapes, patterns of meat and bone, and byzantine architectural constructions that defy gravity. These visionary images recall the biblical surrealism of John the Revelator, telling stories with pictures that are meant to prepare us for some possible future of upheaval, both spiritual and spatial.


Vanessa Irzyk makes her human hands perform mechanical feats of precise shape making that are filled with intense color, digital seeming spaces converted to analog through skilled human labor, an aesthetic celebration of both realms that demonstrates our boundaries of the real and digital spaces may be what is in fact artificial.


The artists in Lord Help Us Get It All Together assemble their own reality via paint and surface, brilliant color and unusual shapes, all in a chaotic jumble. Like a screenshot of creation itself, or the generative spark of something great and expansive stuck on pause, jittery with the threat of sudden movement.

Come bask in the anxious glow of that bright moment, where anything seems possible, though it may come off its axis and fly apart.

Let the center hold a little longer, and lord, help us get it all together.