Work by Sarah Pollman and Vanessa Michalak


Like moths with their celestial ambitions, we are drawn to light whether literal or symbolic. When it falls upon a surface just so, it lends the mundane a temporary significance, a flicker of something transcendent.

Sarah Pollman’s photographs capture moments when our prosaic surroundings glimmer with suggestion at something more. Intimate interior spaces and instances of a pedestrian’s gaze meeting the sidewalk have a quiet presence of life and warmth while remaining strangely distant.

Vanessa Michalak’s paintings of landscapes depict a swirling, sweeping amassing of light that breaks through canopy or maps across topographies of snowy plains with neon exuberance.

As a phenomena that illuminates, we sometimes expect answers beyond the revealing of form. From Bernini sculptures to Instagram sunsets, we attempt to fix the light in place and to share the personal, intangible experience of something like grace.

Opening Reception: July 8, 2016, 6pm-8:30pm

Vanessa Michalak

Vanessa Michalak