Firm Grip

work by Casey Ausman & Dylan Hurwitz


Sex and death, love and loss are the intense punctuation marks dotting our days on this earth, but the vast majority of our time is spent the interstitial: the everyday intimacy of making food, checking our social media feeds, transporting our bodies through space or lying entangled in the body of another.

In the comings and goings of our lives we can orient ourselves in the first person but also in others, becoming grounded again through a concrete corporeality of skin and bone, of muscles in motion.

The paint and paper images in Firm Grip play with the familiar pieces of everyday life, whether it’s in the first person actions crammed tightly into frame by Dylan Hurwitz, or the bits of bodies transmogrified into what feel like the paper-dolls of an alternate universe from Casey Ausman. While all of these images are deliberately constructed, they revel in the messiness of the real, the blurry amalgam of our interstitial moments played back in fast forward. The mess is yours and mine. We are drawn to it, and each other.


Opening Reception: Friday November 4th, 2016, 6pm-8:30pm


"Excel and Butt"  oil on canvas  Dylan Hurwitz

"Excel and Butt"

oil on canvas

Dylan Hurwitz