works by Allison Bamcat and Caterina Urrata

Opening Reception: March 4th 6 - 8:30


Growing up is supposed to mean taking on all kinds of arbitrary attributes, from a rejection of play to a specific set of aesthetic standards that ostensibly equal sophistication. We’re supposed to put away the bright colors and bold forms of youth and cover our bodies and homes in sensible white, black and gray- maybe a “pop” of color here or there.

Imago is the final stage of metamorphosis, from larval form to adulthood. It’s this juncture, this moment of dramatic change that we are examining in this month’s exhibition.

Alison Bamcat and Trina Urrata challenge the assumption that maturity means shedding the things that we love, the form and color that we are attracted to despite the judgement from the minimalists among us.

Bright, brash colors, a full embrace of the decorative, the soft forms of a stuffed animal - Alison and Trina’s art draws on sources as varied as tattoo culture, scientific illustration and childhood toys and offers an alternative, more human view of our ongoing transformation, suggesting that we can take some of what had made us who we are, into the future of what we will be.