Second Skin

work by Blake Hiltunen & Cristobal Cea

The objects and images from Cristobal Cea and Blake Hiltunen appear as if they have passed from our reality into another space only to return again: back from the dead, their original bodies reconfigured. What was once flat, clean, or constant is now crumpling, disrupted. The forms come back to us from this other place twisting like a car wreck or as fine fabrics carefully staged for a lost Neoclassical painting. Potential energy is converted into contracting or expanding volumes, masses displaced.

These dreamlike reflections of our rigid material world transmogrified into a pliable skin, suggest that what we believe to be solid and lasting is far from it. Our shared delusion of stability is present in our built world of contiguous surfaces, flat planes, and right angles.  

The earth spins, tectonic plates move- the sand shifts beneath our feet whether we feel it or not. We may luck into a rare moment of heightened perception when we sense the swirling of something beyond the surface, sublime currents sweeping us along.

Opening Reception: Friday September 2nd, 2016, 6pm-8:30pm

Blake Hiltunen

Blake Hiltunen