Making Technology Work for Us: 

Building things: 

  • Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway spends a big $32 billion to acquire... a manufacturer. Those familiar with the (real) state of U.S. manufacturing are probably less surprised than most- while the business of widget building employs fewer people domestically than before, the value creation is still significant and many segments are growing at a healthy pace. 
  • A rare non-bullshit article about 3D printing. Worth the time if you want to get a look at the real world complications and opportunities in the current state of additive manufacturing- particularly interesting to think about when you consider the Berkshire / Precision Castparts deal. Solving the boring, hard problems of precision fabrication through 3D printing (particularly for metal parts) will make some people very rich, we just don't know who they will be yet.   
  • Foxconn, one of the few contract manufacturers with a household name, continues to make big moves to expand it's operations outside of China, this time in India. As wages in China keep climbing, more companies are looking to India as alternative, especially for less complex products. 

More next week.