Technology as a threat:

  • Unsecured or poorly secured internet-of-things devices were recently weaponized: turned into a huge network of bots and used to orchestrate an epic distributed denial of service attack that brought down iconic internet brands like Netflix and Twitter. While it raised a lot of worries for technologists in the know, it's unlikely that end users will be terribly concerned about the news, if they follow the story at all. The consensus seems to be that if we're going to cover the earth with connected widgets, we need to improve the security of those objects with better engineering and designing user-onboarding that makes higher security and patching the default, not the best practices of power-users. 
  • Platforms that fail to take the abuse and harassment that travels via their tools are starting to pay a serious financial price for it: Salesforce and Disney both allegedly backed out of offers for twitter based on the potential for a sort of toxic-halo effect, tainting their brands with stories of high-profile harassment. Whether twitter has the will, technology or momentum to correct the nastiest corners of their platform remains to be seen, but developers of future social products and services and their investors will certainly be looking at user harassment in a different light.




Our Weird Future: 


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