• Big business consultancies continue to swallow up creative agencies of all kinds - the latest is Deloitte acquiring the digital marketing / ad agency Heat. Anyone who has read this newsletter for awhile knows we're skeptical that these "corporate eating creative" relationships will hold up and provide value in the longer term. It makes sense that business consultancies are looking for ways to build out service offerings to capitalize on what humans continue to do well, namely create new ideas. As software continues to eat the actuarial aspects of their businesses and productivity tools that don't require expert implementation continue to grow, gains have to come from other quarters.
  • We almost certainly haven't reached peak internet-of-things, though it can feel like it when companies start putting circuit boards into water pitchers. With so many businesses working to build connectivity into their devices, this could be a good time for the U.S. to implement mandatory producer reprocessing/recycling systems, and an e-waste tax. Just because the dollar cost of components have fallen, it doesn't mean that the externalized environmental costs we're all stuck with have gone down. 





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