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Feeding the Future: 

  • There's a lot to hate on with the latest internet of things kitchen gadget Juicero - essentially a Keurig type machine for fresh juice. As with the Keurig, it's business model is predicated on wasteful, proprietary consumables. Perhaps most interesting is the QR code element - it's mostly used to create product lock-in and avoid 3rd party vendors creating compatible consumables (as happened to Keurig), but it is also used to provide data on freshness, source of the produce, etc. It's a big leap for food consumed at home to have freshness and quality validated by a machine, rather than our human senses. As more companies set out to tackle automated food service for sectors like fast food, getting people accustomed to trusting technology with what they are about to eat is one of many psychological and cultural challenges they will face - the Juicero tech (if it becomes widely adopted) may be laying the groundwork for such changes. The systems to support such tracking efforts could also dramatically reduce the cost of food recalls - with equipment automatically rejecting any items covered by a recall. We still think it's a fairly environmentally irresponsible product, but it contains some interesting (and maybe more problematic) ideas about what the future of food will look like. 


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