Feeding the Future : 

  • Given the strong forces of culture surrounding food, it can be hard to change our diets for improved personal and ecological health even when we know the hard facts about damage done by consuming large quantities of animal-derived products. By introducing a blend of beef and mushroom to school cafeterias, the Culinary Institute of America & the Mushroom Council (a pro-fungi interest/industry group) there's a hope to transition the red meat and dairy heavy diets of U.S. residents to a less resource intensive way of eating. With climate change reducing water supplies and arable lands all over the world, smart transitional concepts like this are a welcome tactic. 


Technology as a Threat: 


Building Things: 

P.S. - we are hiring: (We found our operations person already!) We're looking for designer / engineer type people (a formal degree in either field is not a requirement, overall design/building aptitude and attitude are more important to us.)


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