• "Google has a new drawing tool that's extremely cool and also a little bit depressing."
  • It won't be long until complex, autonomous or semi-autonomous machines become a regular sight in our daily lives, whether it's in our offices or on our streets and sidewalks. As we step into a system where robots are living out in the world and not just on factory floors, new design and engineering concerns also arise, like making signage legible to humans and machines. In the future we may have something like autonomous-friendly building codes layered on top of those designed to serve human needs, with things like elevators or tangible interfaces having an invisible aspect for machine access.
  • Perhaps a conceptual art project, possibly a goods-by-subscription startup, or maybe a parody of designer aesthetics and Silicon Vallery startups, Lot 2046 has been making some ripples on social media. The project is by one of Vadik Marmeladov of Lapka fame, the tiny design firm that was acquired by Airbnb in 2015, Vadik left in 2016). 




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