• A discussion of the privacy/safety concerns around Snap Maps. With any social platform that has a monetization model dependent on user data, there are significant risks of profit-driven surveillance adversely affecting users and communities. One thing that is compelling to us about the map feature is that it bridges digital connection and physical connection in a more real time way, by showing proximity of friends or heatmapping interesting events happening nearby- it's making the sort of stream-of-experience social media posting we're accustomed to witnessing into something more participatory and communal. 
  • A compelling case for why more emoji may make communication more difficult and less natural. For one thing, the top-down approach of the Unicode Consortium is antithetical to how language develops from the bottom-up, in specific cultural or professional contexts.  
  • Facebook is trying to get private groups on their platform to be more of a thing. For a company that has made much of connecting the world, pushing context collapse (all of your various social groups having their separating walls eroded, aunts, uncles, bosses and ex-lovers all in one "place"), it's an unusual move. Maybe the toxic conflict that arises from context collapse is reflecting poorly on user experience and creating a slow pattern of attrition- from outside of their organization it's difficult to say what the real reasoning behind this push is. 


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