We’re excited to announce that our team is joining Formlabs!

Over the last 5 years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant and creative teams in technology, from startups like RightHand Robotics, Common Sensing, Franklin Robotics to big companies like Google, Target, and Trimble.

In that time we’ve become increasingly interested in not just designing new products, but developing new systems for how our world of objects is conceived of, built, and distributed.

For us, Formlabs is the best place in terms of team, technology, and mission to focus on that work in the most impactful way. We’ll be working on helping develop the tools and processes for making 3D printing more accessible and useful for designers, engineers, artists, scientists and inventors.

We want to make CLEAR design lab live up to its name: we’ll continue to design, prototype and produce the occasional side project. Those projects will be more experimental and documented transparently. We want to share the knowledge that we’ve accrued in the past 5 years and push the boundaries of design - both in theory (the semi-regular writing and weekly newsletter will continue) and in practice.

Thanks to everyone who has been a friend, supporter, client, collaborator or mentor in the past several years. We’re incredibly proud of what we have accomplished and are excited about what's next.