(Dis)trusting Technology:  

  • While there have been many attempts to paint a picture of a smooth-running, internet-enabled world of manufacturing laden with sensors and big data analytics and call it Industry 4.0, there are legitimate reasons that manufacturers keep their machines off the grid as much as possible. An article from the Seattle Times examines Boeing's recent firestorm with managing the WannaCry hitting their system. For now, in many enterprises, the risks of costly shutdowns and IP leaks outweigh the benefits of building out a more connected production system.
  • The concerns over data-brokering by Facebook and manipulative tactics by Cambridge Analytica has reached a fever pitch, with senators calling on Mark Zuckerberg to testify before congress on the matter. All of that unsavory public attention equating Facebook with the darker sins of surveillance capitalism seems to have scrambled the social media giant's plans for a smart home device, with reports that the project has been delayed


Labor Pains: 


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