• Snap Inc is putting out their 2nd generation of camera glasses, Spectacles. The first model was maligned by critics who pointed to the stories excess inventory as a sign that it was indeed a massive design failure. We disagreed with that perspective, citing some well-informed design choices that many wearable tech companies misunderstood. It looks like Snap itself is still bullish on the Spectacles product, with plans for a broader (and more traditional) marketing campaign this time around. The design has also been toned down a bit, with the contrasting bright yellow ring around the camera being replaced with tones closer to the color of the frame.





  • Direct to consumer e-commerce makes acquiring goods easier than ever, but little has been done to deal with the end of a product's life. Mattresses are among the most voluminous objects consumers regularly acquire via the internet, yet few options for responsible processing exist: "From 2015 to 2017, those three states recycled about 1 million mattresses. That’s an impressive 11 million cubic feet of landfill space saved, but it’s only 5 percent of the 20 million mattresses tossed out every year." 


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