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  • Repair remains one of the most valuable practices when it comes to reducing both the energy and environmental impact of manufactured goods, and politicians are beginning to take action to improve the odds of fixing. In the European Union, this has taken the form of extending the reach of so-called "right to repair" laws. In this article from iFixit, they detail some of the draft language: "[EU Member States] also voted that spare parts be available for at least 7 years, with parts such as door gaskets and trays available to end-users, and thermostats and temperature sensors available only to professional repair technicians." Companies that design and manufacture products that fall into these right to repair categories face a predicament: either ship new models less frequently or deal with sprawling spare part inventories. It's quite possible that regulations like these, if passed, will spur more interest in 3D printing spares on demand, either through service bureaus, or the original manufacturer's own facilities.

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