Roadmapping the Future:  

Solutions from Down the Supply Chain:  

  • Apple's immense production combined with the complexity of tightly integrated electronics makes for recycling and waste reduction programs are equally sprawling, with frustratingly entangled trade-offs. External electronics recycling programs might look promising, but vendors that cut corners means terrible environmental consequences for locals; recycling the scraps of aluminum from their machining-heavy manufacturing processes is good, but requires significant energy to reprocess. Apple has made numerous public statements about their efforts to build fair trade supply chains, recycle materials and devices, and working to shift their energy consumption to 100% renewables over the years, but the company's infamously secretive culture makes it hard for outsiders to accurately parse the impact of those actions. Maddie Stone, writing for Gizmodo, attempts to sort through the various elements and efforts that go into making phones, laptops, and wearable electronics at scale.



Material Culture:  

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