• The big name brand & design firm Pentagram is behind Snoop Dogg's weed product packaging. As legalized marijuana becomes more common in the U.S., you can almost hear the ad agencies salivating at the business opportunity it presents to differentiate a highly desirable but somewhat commoditized product - the sweet spot for advertising and branding companies. 




Feeding the Future: 

  • A product for Insect farming in the kitchen is racking up dollars on kickstarter, we're curious to see if early customers end up being more squeamish about the process than they imagine themselves to be. It seems well designed in functionality and form, so maybe we really will be seeing mealworms showing up at dinner parties soon. 
  • The New York Times profiles a prominent food/health/nutrient/pseudo-science company executive who claims to have spent $ 300,000 over the years experimenting on himself with food and drugs to boost health and cognition. Time will tell how much is total bunk, how much is sales strategy, and what (if any) of it is truly good science. It's all part of the broader trend of the quantified self, turning attention to diet and nutrition and creating the nerdiest group of foodies ever. 


Big Business: 


Building Things: 

  • Need to drill holes or drive screws totally underwater? Turns out there's a tool for that
  • LEGO is so popular right now that they are having a hard time keeping up with demand. Considering LEGO has been around since the 1930s with more-or-less the same basic product, they have an amazing track record of keeping interest and growth going year after year. 


Bias and Brains: 

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