• Disney Research unveils a project to help you connect anything to anything else, basically. Watch the video- it's pretty amazing. One exciting possibility is enabling "fringe users" to develop solutions for themselves in cases where the market may be too small or fractured for a company to justify the costs of tooling, assembly and distribution. 3D printing has long been heralded as a technology that "democratizes design" but access, CAD modeling skills and time required for the input part of that equation hasn't caught up. This project looks like it could change that equation. 



  • Companies frequently miss business opportunities because of stereotypes creeping into their design and product development efforts - e.g. "older adults don't care about style, just comfort." NPR's story on the booming business in stylish and comfortable footwear proves otherwise. There are huge market opportunities for products that respect their users identities and interests, instead of merely "solving a problem." 
  • Imaging startup Body Labs just raised $ 8 million to continue developing theirbody scanning/measuring tools. With wearable technology getting smaller, softer, and more pervasive, what Body Labs is building could be a boon to apparel companies that are ready to step fully into the 21st century. 


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