• Notable logo / brand moves in 2016. Some feel trivial: Netflix goes for a folded look, Instagram absorbed some net art visuals, Mastercard went flat, Kodak went retro. Others are aesthetic harbingers of deep societal change like a flag to represent a nation composed of refugees or the "Make America Great Again" hat. Visual design both reflects and attempts to shape the cultural era it lives in. For 2017 we should watch carefully for attempts to harness the power of design for ill; for anyone that would gussy up hateful ideas in a gloss of perfectly kerned letters and fresh logos. Though it feels more vital and immediate now, in any time we owe it to each other seize upon opportunities that leverage design to tell the best stories about our human potential for creation, growth, and unity. 


Upgrading Ourselves: 

  • A lovely little swords-into-plowshares story: Superflex Inc is working to commercialize its soft exoskeleton technology that was originally developed with military funding, but instead of equipping soldiers with super-human strength, their latest products will help augment the ailing bodies of the elderly. Superflex says their tech will be so low profile that people can wear it underneath their clothes, which would make it some of the most minimal assistive technology ever.


Up in the air: 




Just a Game: 


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